Donation History

We were founded on the idea of Social Entrepreneurship & giving back. We encourage you to read our full founding story here.


We donate at least 10% of our net profits to charity.

We work hard to form fun and unique partnerships with certified Non-Profit Organizations. One example is our partnership with SEEturtles.Org supporting our Surf Poncho - for every surf poncho we sell, we donate enough for SEEturtles to save 10 baby sea turtles!  Another example is our partnership with SurfAid, where we have run various limited time promotions where proceeds go towards their inspiring, life saving missions in remote pacific islands. 

We also try to keep it local, and give back directly to the communities we work with. This is best exemplified by our ongoing partnership with a church in Rosarito where we've been helping do everything from train women to sew, to sponsor summer camps and Christmas presents for the kids. 

Here's a list of some of the Certified Non Profits We've donated to recently:



- Black Women Build

- GroundSwell 

- Christian Surfers

- Iglesia Bautista De Jesus Christo Rosarito BC Mexico

- YouthRadio

- UC Berkeley



- Faces4Autism

- Kiva

- Choice Humanitarian

- YAC (Youth Assistance Coalition)

- Oxford House

- Door of Faith Orphanage

- Operation Help a Hero