New Accounts

How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the online form here! We will get you onboarded ASAP (within 1 business day)

How Soon Can I Order?

Within 1 business day of signing up, we'll approve your account, and we'll give you a Log-in and Password. You can place orders on this website instantly once you login. Here's a link to our blankets, yoga, surf, and apparel products.

Can you put my Brand on your Products? Do you Private Label/ White Label?

Yes! Our products come with our West Path branding on them standard, but if you want them "blank" (no labels) we can do this - simply put a note in the notes section when checking out, or contact us and let us know.

If you want them branded with your own label, we can also do this for a small fee, and we can ever get you a quote on getting your labels produced. Just contact us to talk more and to get a quote

What if the Product Doesn't Sell?

Our value is in developing products that sell. We offer a Sell Thru Guarantee on all our products.

We do extensive data analytics and customer research to develop the custom styles and niche products that fly off the shelves.

We're confident our products will sell. If not, you can return them within 30 days for a refund. You can see more about our Sell Thru Guarantee here

Where are you located? Do you Offer Discounts for Local Shops?

We're in Carlsbad, California (North County, San Diego). Our address is 5825 Avenida Encinas, STE 111, Carlsbad, CA 92008.

We do offer discounts and incentives for local accounts a couple of ways - 1) We offer local pickup to save on shipping costs. 2) for recurring orders for local shops, we offer free delivery 3) We also offer terms for local shops with recurring orders.

If you are interested in delivery or terms, please contact us. If you want to save with local pickup- use coupon code "LOCALPICKUP" during check out to avoid the shipping charges

We also offer dicscounts for very high sell thru accounts ($100k+/yearly orders). You can contact us if this applies to you.

Do you offer Discounts for Large Accounts?

Yes, for our largest accounts such as big box retailers, chain stores, and other high volume retailers, we work on a case-by-case basis to create a discount on our already low whoelsale prices. You can e-mail us if this applies to you

Since the order quantities are very large ($100k+/year in orders), we gain some economies of scale on these accounts and pass on these margin savings to these retail patners. Due to the added costs associated with smaller orders, these discounts are not available for smaller accounts.

Do You Offer Terms

For large accounts ($100k+ yearly orders), or for local San Diego shops, Yes, we can offer terms on a case-by-case basis if your credit references and market conditions permit. Please email us if interested.

For non-local shops or regular sized accounts, we apologize, but we cannot offer terms - we price our products very competitively and would have to raise prices to offset the losses associated with terms. We have repeatedly surveyed our client base and found the vast majority prefer lower prices vs. the option for terms.

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Still have questions? You can contact us here, or call us directly at (442) 24-0057

Refunds, Returns, Exchanges

Do You Offer Refunds?

How do Returns/Exchanges Work?

What if the Product Doesn't Sell?

How do I Start an Exchange or Return?

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How Much is Shipping?

How do I Get the Cheapest Shipping Rates?

Do You Offer Local Pick Up to Save on Shipping?

Can You Ship By Pallet?

Can you Ship Over Seas / International?

Can I Use My Own Shipping Account?

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Product & Miscellaneous

Where are your blankets made?

What are the Recommended Washing Instructions for your Products?

Do you Offer Sustainable / Eco / Organic Proucts?

What Are Your Best Sellers?

Who Are You? What is West Path? Why Should I Buy From You?

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