Mexican Blankets - How They're Made

Our blankets aren't your typical "Mexican" blankets you see vendors hawking on the boardwalk (which are usually made in China or India) -

These are legitimate, handwoven works of art. Woven on family looms, just like they have been for generations. Made authentically in Mexico.

Watch the weaving process below, or keep scrolling to see the process of turning apparel scraps into their recycled thread. You can also Shop our Blankets Here

Sustainable Materials

Made from Recycled Tee Shirts

Clothing scraps come in, and recycled clean fabric comes out

Cheaper than Virgin Thread

Sustainablity that helps the bottom line. Cheaper production for us = lower costs for you.

On Demand Materials

With a shorter supply chain, we don't have the typical inventory issues - You'll never be without your top sellers.

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