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Surf Turf Grass Mat

Surf Turf Grass Mat

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The grass in these mats originate from high quality synthetic turf (from pet grass or lush landscapes). These supportive and soft bristles work to dust off any dirt, sand, or particles that may have accumulated on your feet and wetsuit while changing.  Also great for camping, car mats for your dogs, or outside an RV.

Rolls up small for easy and quick storage. comes with velcro closure tie.

Ditch your lid tops, towels and tarp and get yourself a Surf Grass Mat 

Available in 5 sizes, all the way up to 30" x 30". Contact us if you need a larger size and we can give you a quote.

  • Keep your feet clean when changing in & out of your wetsuit
  • Soft synthetic grass stays cool & comfortable under your feet
  • Use while camping as a doormat outside your tent or RV
  • Many other fantastic outdoor uses
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